Mr. + Mrs. Teelucksingh

June 9, 2018 | Sellersburg, IN


I met Ashlee in August 2017. We met at a coffee shop to talk about her upcoming wedding in  June 2018. By the time we both decided it was a good idea to go home, we had talked about everything from her wedding to our mutual love of Stranger Things on Netflix. Needless to say I walked about with a new friend that day! 

Now let's fast forward to June 9, 2018 - The Big Day! I got to spend the day with her getting ready, laughing, talking, + hitting it off with all the girls! When we got to the venue, I was finally to meet her hubby-to-be Hans! Their entire wedding party was a blast, and even though there were a few mishaps - I mean what wedding doesn't have at least one - Ashlee + Hans didn't let a single thing dampen their wedding day (Even the thunderstorm that blew through!).

Enjoy these images from their big day!